ladies night at the Cohn Health Institute

Join the Ladies at the Cohn Health Institute on May 16th at 6:30PM as our top female holistic health practitioners bring you a night of wellness and beauty from the inside out.

Enjoy a night of wellness, healthy appetizers, and a free gift for every friend you bring!

Dr. Christine Cohn, D.C. Chiropractor Orange County

Dr. Christine Cohn, D. C.

Chiropractic Kinesiologist

Why is it that no matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight? Ultimately it boils down to four hormones.

  • Leptin
  • Adriponectin
  • Insulin
  • Cortisol

Come join us for some basic protocols that can reverse the imbalances and turn can turn your system into a natural fat burning system.

Dr. Nicole Krakora, ND Naturopathic Practitioner

Dr. Nicole Krakora, N.D.

Naturopathic Practitioner

Pamper yourself with IV therapy: Relax back in a zero gravity chair while your body soaks up vitamins, amino acids and minerals with 100% absorbency. When your body takes nutrition intravenously, the nutrients go straight into the bloodstream and immediately go to work. We have bags designed specifically for increasing energy, helping hair, skin and nails, relaxing anxiety and calming the brain and to aid in weight loss. Mom’s come relax and pamper yourself with some IV nutrition, your body will thank you.

Bernice Anderson

Bernice Andersen

Top Esthetician, Body Therapist & Spa Director

Many see “hydration” and “moisture” as words which describe the same thing. It is a common misconception, to believe using a product moisturizer can keep you and your skin hydrated.  In reality, however, these are two very different needs. Believe it or not, hydrator and moisturizer are not just synonyms written on products, they are words used part of a clever marketing scheme to make you buy products you don’t really need. Often, we tirelessly struggle to reduce the appearance of dry crepey skin with no end in sight. Learn how to properly hydrate your body, while effectively moisturizing your skin to improve your current conditions and maintain a soft, healthy look and feel to your beautiful face, neck and body.

Space is limited, RSVP today at 714-754-8008 or contact us via email

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