bioprint for Body Fat Testing

Bioprint to Track Goals

What if your body fat told you more than just how much you love chocolate? What if each spot told us something different about what is going on internally in your system? Our bodies are brilliant and have a very specific storage system. Just as I don’t have to be psychic to know your coffee mugs are most likely in a kitchen cabinet and your bath towels are going to be in a linen closet or somewhere by the bathroom; the body works in a similar way. In order to keep toxins out of our blood system, the human body will create space to store these toxins, excess hormones etc. A unique system called BioPrint will then allow us to get an inside look on what is going on hormonally as well as access a body fat percentage.
Not only is Bioprint an excellent way to track progress with your body fat goals, but it also gives insight on how best to support the body to work with those stubborn areas. By using specific calipers (not those plastic ones you used in high school), we are able to obtain an accurate body fat percentage, a hormonal profile specific to you, and insight into an individual treatment plan. It’s painless and fast! Whether your goals are overall health, lower body fat, or more balanced hormones, Bioprint will provide some key insight towards your goal.
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Dr. Nicole Krakora, ND
Dr. Nicole Krakora, ND
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