Sugar is no friend

Sugar is no friend to your Adrenal Glands

Sugar and our sweet teeth will be the death of us. According to the latest data, the typical American consumes around 150-170 pounds of sugar a year. Just take a second and think about how scary that is. Now, your body does need sugar to survive, but it’s the form of sugar that is important. We need to cut out the refined sugars like the cookies, pies, cakes, breads, pastas, potatoes, etc. and incorporate more of the natural sugars like vegetables and some fruits. The refined sugars are very acidic and inflammatory in nature and only make the bad gut bacteria in your body happy.
Average American Diet – we need to increase more natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables
Refined sugars put massive amount of stress on the adrenal glands, which are the glands that control our stress levels, hydration, sleep cycle, inflammation, and sex hormones. When these two little glands become stressed, they can cause a myriad of problems. This can manifest as low energy, trouble sleeping, anxiousness, and allergies to name a few. It is critical that you keep these glands functioning optimally if you want to achieve health, wellness, and vitality.
The problem is there are many great things you can do to help support the adrenal glands ranging from getting adjusted to homeopathic support. It’s important to know that if you aren’t testing, you’re guessing, and this is a perfect example of how it is not a one size fits all approach. So visit the Cohn Health Institute and lets make sure your adrenals get the care they deserve in the way that your body prefers.
Here’s to your health – Dr. Charlie Fagenholz, DC
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