Dixie Wall, L.Ac Acupuncturist at the Cohn Health InstituteAcupuncturist & Holistic Health Practitioner

Dixie Wall brings well over a decade of holistic health, acupuncture and functional medicine experience to Cohn Health Institute. She is most passionate about combining the best of modern day research with the ancient wisdom of Asian Medicine. The foundation of her practice is supporting the structural, biochemical and emotional components of health. She believes strongly in educating and coaching her patients through their journey to a long, healthy and happy life.  She is an avid learner and frequently can be found in weekend seminars emerged in study. Dixie currently serves as a Director on the California Massage Therapy Council. She loves travel, extreme sports and her dog Gunter.


  • Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET)
  • Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
• Acupuncturist
  • Pain Management’
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Lab Analysis
  • Certified Massage Therapist

Have a question for Dixie? Feel free to email her at info@cohnhealthinstitute.com