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How Dr. Kristie McCoy Helped My Child

At the Cohn Health Institute, our professional staff of holistic health practitioners are dedicated to helping each and every patient, from the young to the frail. The following is a special patient which reached out to Dr. Kristie McCoy to help her daughter overcome her anxieties. Keep in mind that each case study is different and the outcome may also vary but it’s nice to share the positive outcomes and testimonials of our patients. Maybe someone you know has a similar issue and can relate to these symptoms. It’s important to find the right doctor and be comfortable with your caregiver. We hope that this testimonial will help give you insight to some of the different types of issues that can be treated at the Cohn Health Institute.

Testimonial for Cohn health instituteBefore bringing in Kaydence to see Dr. McCoy, she was experiencing severe anxiety and stress. She had been having these symptoms since she was a baby. Big crowds scared her, meeting new people was hard and anything in general would give her bad anxiety that it made her physically ill. It got to the point where even leaving the house was not an option for her. She wanted nothing to do with the outside world at age 5. With kindergarten approaching, I was very nervous about how she was going to handle such a huge change with such bad anxiety. That’s when I made the decision to make an appointment with Dr. McCoy at the Cohn Health Institute.
The morning of the appointment was a bit stressful for her and the anxiety was kicking in. The whole way there she was complaining about her tummy hurting. Once we go there and met Dr. McCoy, she seemed to be relieved and was very cooperative, to my surprise. Again, normally she’s in a much more stressed out state and not every cooperative. As soon as the doctor started working on her, the “magic” was already happening. I sat next to her the entire time as Dr. McCoy’s muscle tested her, though me. it was like I could feel a shift in her entire body language. After some time with practically no issues with her behavior, we were given a couple of supplements and went home. For the rest of the day, it was like I was experiencing another side of my daughter that I had never experienced before. She felt lighter, happier, and showed little to no signs of stress, anxiety or feat about the rest of the day.

Over the next 2 weeks, my family and I could see a drastic change in Kaydence. The fear of going out, the anxiety rush making her so ill that she wouldn’t leave the bathroom was virtually gone. She started kindergarten and not once showed any sign of fear or extreme anxiety. She was a bit nervous as all new kindergarteners are but she did wonderfully, gave me a kiss goodbye and went right into class. I’d say she was 85-90% better already by the time we went back and saw Dr. McCoy again, just after one appointment.

When I took her back for her next appointment, she had been experiencing frequent peeing and the feeling of having to pee even after she had just gone so i brought that up to Dr. McCoy. This time Kaydence let Dr. McCoy muscle test directly on her body without any help from me. It was like day and night compared to the first appointment where she was still unsure and needed mom by her side the entire time.

Over the next two weeks, her feeling of constantly having to pee had gone away about 95% and the frequent peeing had gone down about 30%. And as far as her fear, anxiety, and stress, I haven’t seen those symptoms in her in weeks.

I am a firm believer in what these doctors, at the Cohn Health Institute, do. I had taken Kaydence to see other doctors prior and was never given an answer or anything to do to help her. I knew finding someone who could talk directly to her body was the only way to go. And i am truly glad that I did. I cannot thank Dr. McCoy and the Cohn Health Institute enough for helping my daughter and clearing her body of those symptoms. It’s been a truly rewarding experience.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Courtney Nanfria

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