Emma Goodman Holistic Esthetician

Emma Goodman is Holistic Esthetician with 15 years of experience. She has an extensive education in healing modalities such as Energy Balancing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and other mind and body balancing certifications such as Yoga and Health Coaching. She comes to us from a holistic background and has a passion for health and skincare from the inside-out. Having suffered from celiac disease most of her adolescent life she has developed the perfect skills both topically and internally to treat any skin concerns. We love her vibrancy and passion for life. You will be able to unwind and relax with her healing touch and float away with radiant, beautiful skin. She is a also a trained body art practitioner and now offers Micro-blading for perfect and flawless brows.

Have a question of Emma? Feel free to email her at info@cohnhealthinstitute.com