Harmless Acupuncture Needles with Dr. Dixie Wall

Harmless Acupuncture Needles With Dr. Dixie Wall

Does Acupuncture hurt? How large are those needles?One of the common misconceptions about acupuncture is the size of the needles.  In fact, acupuncture needles are about the thickness of one strand of hair and you can fit 10 acupuncture needles into one hypodermic needle that they draw blood from. Most often, our patients don’t even feel the needles going in.

At the Cohn Health Institute, our needles are disposable, for one time use only. If you look carefully in the video, Dixie demonstrates the size of the handle and the needle is actually smaller than the smallest guitar string. Sometimes,  there is a quick stimulation that you feel when your body’s energy is moving up and down the meridians but that usually goes away quite quickly. Acupuncture is beneficial in many ways from decreasing stress to increasing energy. You also get a better quality of sleep which equals to better health so come down to the Cohn Health Institute and give it a try.

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