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Don’t forget to pick an ornament off of our Holiday Tree during your next visit to Cohn Health Institute! During the month of December, we are offering fun and relaxing discounts on facial treatments, aromatherapy, ear candeling, and skincare products to help you look and feel your best during the Holiday season. Let us enhance your natural beauty, inside and out, so you shine bright this season!
Our massage therapist, Heather, is adding a special on lymphatic massage to the Holiday tree, so don’t miss the chance to help your body stay in top condition during the holidays.
A healthy lymphatic system is key for health, energy, and prevention of disease. The lymphatic system acts like a vacuum cleaner for your body. It cleans up various toxins, cellular debris, viruses and bacteria, and absorbs excess fluids in the tissues of the body. When the lymph slows down, oxygen and glucose cannot get to the cells, causing fermentation in the intercellular spaces. Sluggish lymph flow often results in loss of energy, swollen lymph nodes, pain, toxicity, poor circulation, fluid retention, and disease.
To keep your lymphatic system flowing and healthy, drink plenty of water, eat alkalizing foods, exercise regularly, and get lymphatic massage.
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