Homeopathic Sprays

Homeopathic Sprays do more than freshen the air

Dr. Howard Cohn, DC shows us one of the  homeopathic remedies called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). Homeopathetic sprays are  water based and it’s safe to use  for children, adults and everybody in between. The sprays help pull you up out of certain states which in Chinese medicine, are the different elements like fire, metal, and so forth.  There are ones for specific conditions.   ER911 is used quite often at the Cohn Health Institute and Emergency room 911 helps get people out of shock of trauma that they were in.

There are different sprays for  different areas that are happening for people. The spray is applied directly into the mouth and anyone can benefit from NET remedies. There are sprays for the outside of the body which can be used for freshen the air around you which work for smell. There are certain oils and combinations of oils and certain frequencies what we call healing essences and these are phenomenal. You can’t smell it thought the video but it smells great, this one is called embrace abundance. They all have different names that are related to certain frequencies or energies that they are trying to create.

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