Dr. Nicole Krakora Naturopath Patient Review

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It is with great confidence that I recommend Dr. Nicole Krakora, N.D. to anyone who is in need of balance, clarity and tranquility. Dr. Nicole is an incredibly compassionate person with an exceptional talent as a Naturopathic Practitioner. Her personality and caring demeanor along with her professionalism makes the entire experience wonderful!

Dr. Nicole Krakora Naturopathic doctorI was highly recommended to Dr. Nicole at a time when I was feeling ungrounded and not healthy. I had sold my businesses and was concerned about my impending resignation and the next phase in my life. With her assistance, I was able to get the clarity to make the decision that brought me greater peace and harmony to my life, and focus on being healthier overall.

After starting my customized treatment plan which included NET, nutritional supplements, and IV nutritional therapy, I was able to make improvements to my health and bring greater peace and healing internally.

As a mother of two children in their mid-twenties, I noticed my kids unbalanced and in need for nutritional guidance. Dr. Nicole was able to accommodate their travel schedule and they have since been able to achieve a healthier and peaceful life style thorough her guidance, nutrition and emotional clearing.

Thanks to Dr. Nicole’s complete wellness program, I feel at peace and balanced as I welcome the next phase of my life with excitement.

Thank you for making an incredible difference in my life!

Ana Gonzalez-Bechtel

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