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OCFSA makes Orange County better and safer for all of us

Donating to the Orange County fire associationAt the Cohn Health Institute we are driven by a sense of helping others and giving back in all we do. We often try to support local organizations in order to strengthen our community, and this month we are contributing to the Orange County Fire Services Association.

During this fire season, the Orange County Fire Services Association is in the process of working with the local businesses in important programs. Many of these projects involve the youth in our community. Established in 1913, the purpose of the Association is to educate the public, improve community relations, and participate in city projects and activities all aimed at making Orange County a better, safer place to live.
These projects help over 4,000 children in Orange County. The OCFSA “Big John” talking fire trucks continuously teach fire safety to children. They also work with and contribute to the UCI Burn Center. These are a few of the many things that the OCFSA participates in. Protecting your business, employees and neighbors from fire is a tough and highly hazardous job. No community ever knows when fire may break out causing injury, destruction and loss of life. This is why the OCFSA is dedicated to continuously working with adults and children.
Get Involved 

Help the mission of the OCFSA by participating in one of their events or donating to their cause.

Click here to find out how your donations help support the many great programs that the Orange County Fire Services Association provides, or call 714-983-5501.
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