Use your body’s own heat to help melt away unwanted inches fast!

This is your “quick fix” solution for getting into that little black dress! Yesotherapy is a natural, effective and fast method that utilizes “plaster-wrapping” (feeling much like a corset) to assist with reducing the size of any targeted area of your body. Housing key minerals, proteins, algae and plant enzymes, this wrap works with your body’s own heat to help melt away unwanted inches.

Popular for many years among Latin American, Spanish and Caribbean women and recently gaining attention in the United States, this cosmetic therapy will aid in slimming and flattening areas like your waist, belly, chest, arms, legs, and rear as well as leave you with tighter and smoother skin texture and a visible reduction of cellulite. We recommend scheduling multiple Yesotherapy sessions for optimal results.

Bernice Anderson

Bernice Andersen

Master Esthetician, Body Therapist & Spa Director

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