Ladies Night at Cohn Health Institute

💋Join us for Ladies Night on September 24 at 5:30 PM and receive four mini treatments for only $99! RSVP at 714-754-8008.

Choose one service from each category below:

Infrared Sauna
Foot Bath
Ear & Nose Ozone

Lymph drainage with cupping
Weight loss acupuncture
Facelift acupuncture

Glutathione Push
Skinny shot
B12 shot

PEMF mat
Brain Tap

✨Bonus Pop-Up Offer from Barre3
When you purchase the $99 Ladies Night Offer✨

🛍15% off Retail (Onzie & Beyond Retail)
FREE class card

❤️Space is limited to the first 20 guests, so call today to reserve your spot! Introduce a friend and receive a free product, and be sure to check out our guest pop-up shop from one of our favorite vendors!

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