Boost Your Immune System with Natural Supplements

Our office stocks over 2000 nutritional supplements from over 100 different companies from around the world to assist in your body’s journey to better health. From natural sprays to calm the senses to supplements that boost your immune system to help fight your conditions naturally, the Cohn Health Institute is dedicated to bring you the best natural products that help your body heal itself.

The doctors at CHI use specific Applied Kinesiology and other diagnostic methods that at times include blood tests, saliva testing, urinalysis, hair analysis, Zyto computer analysis and heart rate variability testing. History and exam findings are correlated with the various test results to determine an individual nutritional course of care for each patient.


Cohn Health Institute is proud to offer the Sevenpoint2 line of nutrition products formulated and co-founded by Dr. Howard Cohn, DC. For more information about this revolutionary product line of “real fast food” please visit