Goodbye chemicals

Celebrate Organic Skincare and say Bye Bye to Chemicals!

On January 31 from 9-2PM at the Cohn Health Institute,  you can bring in any skincare product and throw it away in our Goodbye Chemicals bin. In exchange, you will receive 25% off any organic skincare products from Eminence®.  There are so many toxic ingredients hidden in today’s products from the cleansers to your daily facial lotion that you may not be aware of. We want to help you make that switch to organic skincare.

The Eminence® Organic Skincare line is designed to enhance your well-being naturally without the harmful chemicals found in some brands. Behind the beauty of Eminence Organic Skin Care is the research and science that creates a line of natural, organic, and Biodynamic® products to effectively address different skin types and skin concerns.

To achieve the best results from the best skin care products, you have to know which ones are right for you. To help make selecting the products easier, our esthetician Rachel Tanner would be available for FREE consultations with new patients before purchasing the Eminence products.




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