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Did you know that studying about the bacteria in your gut is becoming the latest and greatest topic in medicine right now? Turns out, your gut microbiome (lets call them your bugs for short) not only can influence how well your digestive system works, but it can also determine your mood, some of your personality traits and your level of happiness!

That’s giving a lot of power to these little invisible guys! Lets scope it out some more.

Your gut is referred to as your second brain. Why? Because 90% of your serotonin is produced there. Serotonin basically makes you happy and calm. Many links have been made between the stomach to your brain – crazy huh? Also most of your immune system, which keeps you healthy and in avoidance of flu epidemic 2018, also lives in your gut.

So lets say you eat something like a big ol’ wheat, chocolate glazed donut .. what does that do to your bugs, immune system and your serotonin? Well I’ll give you a hint… nothing good.

As your enjoying the yumminess, so are the bugs that we don’t want living in there. Bugs like candida, “bad” bacteria, viruses and even parasites love chomping on all that sugar and then they start multiplying and begin to out number all our “good” bacteria and then we have “gut dysbiosis”. Which also translates to bloating, a bad mood and a host of other digestive problems.

A study showed that if we gave timid, shy mice the bacteria of an outgoing, social mouse (through something called Fecal Transplants – basically transferring microbiome of one mouse to another) the shy and timid mice actually started displaying more outgoing and social characteristics! **mind blown**

Turns out these “good” bacteria also help us make vitamins that we need! So at this point what do we need to do to make our “good” bacteria flourish and keep our “bad” bugs at bay? You guessed right! No more wheat, chocolate glazed donuts. Well, ok you can have one once in awhile. And don’t’ worry you don’t have to do fecal transplants either. Its more about diversifying your vegetable intake and restoring the good:bad bug ratio!

The more diversity you have in your vegetables the more diverse your microbiome! That’s pretty cool huh? The other piece is to stop feeding the bad bugs a bunch of sugar and start feeding them with a super good probiotic. My favorite is megaspore but there are a bunch of good ones out there.

This is an exciting topic and I have literally just scratched the surface. For more information visit your favorite doctor at Cohn Health Institute to learn more about your gut microbiome! Learn more about Dr. Nicole Krakora, click here.

Dr. Nicole Krakora Naturopathic doctor

With Gratitude,

Nicole Krakora
Naturopathic Medical Doctor

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