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Naturopathic Treatments

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Naturopathic Treatments

Naturopathic medicine is the bridge between East and West. Naturopathy utilizes the diagnostic tools of Western medicine and benefits from the amazing healing modalities of Eastern medicine. Clinical nutrition, detoxification, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and mind body medicine are just some of the incredible tools Naturopathic doctors have at their disposal. The careful selection of treatment options provides an individualized approach that focuses on the patient rather than the diagnosis. Naturopathic medicine works to stimulate the patients’ vital force and support the innate ability of the body to heal itself. Naturopathic medicine addresses the root cause of a person’s health concern rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Functional Medicine

Modern medicine often categorizes patients as “healthy” or “sick” with little attention to the gray area in-between. Before a patient reaches disease, the problem starts with dysfunction. Investigating and addressing the current or future dysfunction is referred to as functional medicine.

The best treatment of any disease starts with prevention. Lab values in the “normal” range do not guarantee good health as health is not merely the absence of disease. Naturopathic doctors have a higher standard for lab values and testing is just one piece of the puzzle. Blending a deep understanding of diet and lifestyle habits, along with a comprehensive clinical assessment provides a holistic view of a patient’s current health status.

Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration

Optimal hormone levels vary among individuals especially during different stages of life. Low functioning thyroid, declining sex hormones, or estrogen dominance can contribute to diminished health and vitality. The endocrine system is a collection of chemical messengers responsible for hormone balance. your endocrine glands are stimulated by biochemical messages from your brain. These glands then secrete hormones which are circulated by the body to stimulate the target tissue. This symphony of hormonal expression is dependent on nutritional status, inflammation, immune function and body mass index.

Hormones can be difficult to analyze. Most hormones are evaluated on blood tests, but certain hormones are more accurately measured through saliva or urine. A patient-specific protocol is prescribed to balance hormones using nutrients, botanicals or prescriptions. Optimal health is achieved when both lab levels and symptom profiles improve. From balancing hormones, patients can notice increased energy, improved sleep, mood elevation, weight loss and improved skin appearance.

Menopause – As hormones begin to decline, a woman can experience numerous changes in her body. Hot flashes are the hallmark of “the change”, but a variety of other symptoms may also be present. Weight gain, mood changes, sleep disturbances and brain fog are also associated with menopause. When ovarian function slows, it is important to support other endocrine glands, perhaps the pituitary, thyroid and/or the adrenal glands. Therapeutic dosing of specific vitamins, minerals, botanicals, or bioidentical hormones can support the hormonal shift into menopause. Women will notice improved overall health when hormones are circulating at ideal levels. Men can also have issues with a similar group of symptoms called andropause, which is evaluated and treated in a similar way.


Health is not reciprocal to age, the body experiences change over time especially with regards to hormones. Stress and oxidative damage can also accelerate the aging process. Nurture the body by adjusting lifestyle, diet, and supplementation to promote healthy aging. Hormone restoration may be an appropriate option for some patients. We also offer intravenous support to boost nutrition and properly oxygenate the body as well as specialized nutritional supplementation.

Thyroid Health

Thyroid conditions can be difficult to manage. Conventional medicine relies on limited lab testing to diagnose and treat thyroid disease. Without sufficient testing, patients may suffer from subclinical or mismanaged thyroid conditions, including auto-immune issues. A holistic approach evaluates bioavailable hormones and thyroid antibodies providing a more complete patient picture. Some patients are unable to activate the commonly prescribed thyroid medication making it important to test active hormone levels the results may support the use of different medications or supplemental nutrients.


Injectable Nutrition - IV, IM Shots

Boost your energy, support your immune system and hydrate your cells with intravenous and injectable nutrition. It can be difficult to maintain a non-GMO organic, whole food, anti-inflammatory diet when balancing the demands of personal and professional life. Give yourself a break and spoil your body with direct nutrition via IV therapy. Watch your energy rise when you flood your cells with energizing vitamins and minerals. Carefully selected bioavailable nutrients invigorate the body and activate biochemical pathways to promote next-level energy. Replenish your system, help detoxify your liver and shred unwanted weight with a cocktail of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Our naturopathic doctors can customize the ideal IV nutrient cocktail that best fits your needs.

Ozone Therapy

ozone therapy service

“Nothing is as consistent and as predictable as the gradual, linear decline in oxygen utilization seen in all aging populations.” – Dr. Frank Shallenberger

The oxygen you breathe is O2 or a pair of oxygen molecules. Ozone is comprised of “supercharged” oxygen and gives it all its remarkable medical properties. The medical use of ozone therapy dates back to the 1950s. It was first developed in Germany and is common throughout Europe. The decline of oxygen utilization starts at age 30. Oxygen therapy can help slow or even reverse the effects of metabolic aging. Cellular respiration is vital for healthy function and detoxification. Ozone therapy drives activated oxygen to the tissues to improve healing.


Major Autohemotherapy (MAH)

Autohemotherapy is the most common and oftentimes the most effective way to administer ozone. MAH is a 1-hour treatment where 6-12 ounces of blood are removed into a sterile IV bag. The ozone is injected into the bag and gently rocked allowing the blood cells to absorb the ozone. The freshly oxygenated blood is then returned to the body.

MAH is primarily used to address infection and cardiovascular disease, however, everyone can benefit from added oxygenation in their body.

MAH also can be used to address heart disease, acute infection, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, AIDS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, colitis, auto-immune diseases, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, etc.

The safety record of pure medical grade ozone used according to established guidelines is unparalleled. Ozone is naturally occurring in the body specifically when the body is fighting an infection.

Food Sensitivity Testing (Blood)

A quick blood draw can identify current food sensitivities from hundreds of foods. Many people suffer from food allergies and sensitivities. True food allergies (i.e. anaphylaxis and hives) are often obvious and simple to diagnose. Alternatively, food sensitivities can be much more elusive and confusing. A food sensitivity, also known as a delayed onset food allergy, can take up to 4 days for patients to see a reaction. That’s right, this means that the sinus congestion or knee pain you’re experiencing today may be related to the handful of almonds or string cheese you ate three days ago.

Increased gut permeability allows undigested food to enter the bloodstream. Antibodies are created to attack the foreign food particle and the immune response increases body-wide inflammation. Inflammation and a hyperactive immune system can result in a wide variety of problems. Chronic pain, digestive issues, fatigue, depression and seasonal allergies are just some of the problems related to food sensitivities.

The results from a food allergy test are used to formulate a patient-specific dietary program. A diet that works with your body’s immune system, rather than against it. Removing immune-mediated reactions to foods will decrease inflammation, support the immune system and increase your overall health and vitality.


Genetic Testing

The Human Genome Project has estimated that humans have upwards of 20,000 genes. Genetic variations create diversity which helps populations evolve and thrive. However, sometimes these variants can also predispose us to disease or dysfunction. Specific defects can be identified by analyzing the raw data gained from a genetic test (23andme or Ancestry.com). Naturopathic doctors can analyze your DNA results and identify current or future roadblocks in healthy gene expression. Individualized targeted nutrition coupled with mental and emotional support provides next-level health.

Health comes down to what we eat, drink, and think. But oftentimes we find that some are more sensitive than others. Some people can live on fast food while others are triggered by the gluten residue on a postage stamp. So, where do you fall on the spectrum of health and disease susceptibility? If genetics are merely the loaded gun, what is the best protocol to keep the gun holstered. Genetics are not an excuse, but they may be a reason.

Laboratory Testing

lab testing

The Cohn Health Institute offers an array of laboratory testing. A new patient consultation requires a deep dive into medical history, symptom review, and complete physical exam. Oftentimes the physical exam is the most important. The doctors at CHI have received additional training focused on asking the body exactly what it needs. At times, additional laboratory testing may be relevant.

Conventional labs are sent out to local laboratories and specialty tests are done in-house. Various hormones, micronutrients or infectious agents are more accurately assessed via salivary or stool testing. Specialty urinary and blood tests can reveal heavy metals, food sensitivities, and hormone deficiencies. 

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