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Is it Possible to be Young Again?

Is it Possible to be Young Again?

We have all heard someone blame all their ailments on their age, but is it true that when we get older, it's inevitable that we have health challenges? Yes and no. Aging is really detrimental for our health, but what I'm talking about is your biological age. Your...

Theraphi for a Super Charged You

Theraphi for a Super Charged You

Cohn Health Institute is excited to bring you a new and incredibly beneficial treatment, Theraphi! Theraphi is essentially a biological battery charger. It works on the cellular level to super charge your cells and brings them back into their highest balance and...

Iodine: The Most Overlooked Deficiency

Iodine: The Most Overlooked Deficiency

Iodine is most often known to be essential for thyroid hormone production. Without iodine, the thyroid gland cannot make thyroid hormone. Iodine can be found in every single cell of the body and is critical for proper immune system function. It is a natural...

Cranial Facial Release Technique (CFR)

Cranial Facial Release Technique (CFR)

 The combination of Cranial Facial Release (CFR) with ART can change lives and we can target chronic concussions, migraines, sinus issues along with a long list of other symptoms people have below. What is CFR? Keep reading! Cranial Facial Release (CFR) is an...

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Our Patients Come First

"I actually woke up with a smile on my face feeling happy because my body was feeling good. So thank you all for your help here...this is incredible stuff."

David Tilove

Within ten days of my first [ankle] treatment, the right side was healed…you guys should come check it out…this place is pretty amazing!”

Tali Bowen

Would give CHI and their staff ten stars if I could! The improvements I've experienced, both physical and emotional, have been tremendous. I can say they are life-changing. Thank you!

Steve Raack

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