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Trifecta Light Wellness Event

Trifecta Light Wellness Event

Illuminate your wellness at the Cohn Health Institute with one of the new and extremely popular therapeutic technologies for powerful recovery, enhanced athletic performance, energy production, aesthetics and much more. Mark your calendar for June 25th to explore the...

IV Therapy: A Quick Path to Wellness

IV Therapy: A Quick Path to Wellness

Feeling under the weather can be a challenging experience, especially when common remedies fall short of providing relief. And there’s nothing worse than feeling run down and missing festivities during the holidays.  If you're new to alternative health therapies...

Trapped Emotions Got You Down?

Trapped Emotions Got You Down?

Here they come, the holidays - filled with joy, laughter, warm memories, stress, grief and sadness, frustration, and overall mixed emotions. These feelings can vary from person to person for a myriad of reasons including mismatched expectations, loneliness, family...

Understanding Long Covid: What options are there?

Understanding Long Covid: What options are there?

Covid appears to be making its rounds again, and while many people are moving past the panic of Covid itself, much concern still remains about Long Covid. Is this really something to be feared? Can anything be done?  Before tackling support for Long Covid, it’s...

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Our Patients Come First

"I actually woke up with a smile on my face feeling happy because my body was feeling good. So thank you all for your help here...this is incredible stuff."

David Tilove

Within ten days of my first [ankle] treatment, the right side was healed…you guys should come check it out…this place is pretty amazing!”

Tali Bowen

Would give CHI and their staff ten stars if I could! The improvements I've experienced, both physical and emotional, have been tremendous. I can say they are life-changing. Thank you!

Steve Raack

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