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As a health care practitioner, I am very particular where I go and trust to care for my family. Professionally, I have known Dr. Howard Cohn as a leader in natural health community for over 25  years! He teaches a weekly health care class that is world famous among health care practitioners. His office offers a variety of services from highly  qualified practitioners. This office is a highly recommended. Be sure to come to the Free Health Care Class and schedule an appointment today.”

Dr. George Gonzales

“Just started coming to Cohn to see Rachel for all my waxing and facial needs. She has transformed my once thin brows into absolute lush perfection. Which I didn’t even know was possible. Her facials are so relaxing, but beyond that she educates me on what works best for my skin and why. I can honestly say it’s impossible to walk out after seeing Rachel with out your face and soul glowing! She is the best!”

Ashley F.


Cohn Health Institute has been life-changing for me. When I first started seeing Dr Cohn almost 2 years ago, I struggled to walk some days because my back pain was so bad. At only 37 years old, I felt like 100. Dr Cohn was able to get me straightened out within just a couple of sessions. He helped me understand the emotional connections to my pain, and was able to clear those issues that were adding to my weakened structure. He truly looks at the whole picture when working with you and very much cares to get to the root of the problem.

Kristina C.

“Cohn Health Institute is changing how we look at and treat our bodies. Rather than go to the doctor and be prescribed something that will make us sicker (There is  a place for new medicine and health practices in certain urgent situations). We worked on and continue to work on many different levels to heal the body based on what the body is telling us it needs. It is an amazing approach and i have never felt better. I would recommend Cohn Health to everybody and in fact i have. My whole family visits this team of amazing practitioners.”

Garret B.

“Would give CHI and their staff ten stars if I could! The improvements I’ve experienced, both physical and emotional, have been tremendous. I can say they are life-changing. Thank you!”

Steve Raack

I cannot say enough good about The Cohn Health Institute!  Everyone there is exceptional and truly cares about helping people be healthy.  I have learned so much about my bodies innate intelligence and how every part of me works together to keep me healthy.  My health is worth every penny I invest with them!”

Nancy S.

“I actually woke up with a smile on my face feeling happy because my body was feeling good. So thank you all for your help here…this is incredible stuff.”

David Tilove

Within ten days of my first [ankle] treatment, the right side was healed…you guys should come check it out…this place is pretty amazing!”

Tali Bowen

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