Your body is smart. It was designed to heal itself.

We approach each individual holistically and work together to provide the most complete health care available. Your wellness is our top priority and we are proud to offer you state of the art health and wellness chiropractic care.

NAET Allergy Elimination at Cohn Health institute

NAET | Allergy Elimination

NAET is your innovative, natural method for regaining better health and effectively treating your allergies and thier accompanying diseases. It is a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution which assists with alleviating allergies of all types by using selective energy balancing, testing, and treatment procedures.

pure sculpt at Cohn health institute

Puresculpt | Body Contouring

PureSculpt is a innovative combination of ice, wood-therapies, and mineral-infused clay specifically formulated and uniqely applied to your face and body to detoxify, lift, and rejuvenate. This non-surgical procedure will leave your skin’s tone and texture beautifully and vibrantly transformed.

IV Therapy at Cohn Health Institute

IV Therapy | Restorative Hydration

Our IV Drips Shots are formulated to deliver a solution of nutrients, minerals, electrolytes and hydration to your system intravenously to ensure 100% instant absorption. The result: restored and replenished!


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Ultimate Health Workshop

Create Our Health Now

The Ultimate Health Workshop, created by Dr. Howard Cohn, was developed to educate and provide new possibilities in finding solutions for the vast array of health issues that confront our world. As an attendee, you will have an opportunity to speak directly with one or more doctors about any health issues and concerns, as well as experience amazing one on one demonstrations.

“I promise that what you see and experience at this workshop will not only enlighten you, it will absolutely “WOW” you!” – Dr. Howard Cohn, D.C.


When | Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Where | Cohn Health Institute

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PureSculpt™ Body Treatment is a product that helps trigger Thermogenesis (the production of heat) in your body and automatically starts to burn your Adipose cells (fat cells).  PureSculpt™ burns that stored fat while leaving your skin more toned, softer, and especially firmer. Clients are experiencing results after just one treatment! Book your appointment here today!

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Burns Stored Fat
  • Firms & Tones the Skin
  • Assists with Inch Loss
  • Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Slim, tone & detox your body naturally

Puresculpt collage at Cohn Health