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“We approach each individual holistically and work together to provide you with the most complete health care available. Your wellness is our top priority and we are proud to offer you state of the art health and wellness chiropractic care." 

Restoring your body's healing mechanism

Many of Cohn Health Institute's (CHI) patients begin care in our office with a specific health concern and soon realize that wellness is a way of life. By restoring the body's own natural healing mechanisms through regular wellness care and healthy lifestyle choices, many lifelong conditions can be improved or eradicated without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Our mission is to show people how smart their body is, how it was designed to heal itself, and through the use of comprehensive holistic health care, assist them in attaining and maintaining a greater level of health and wellness. We are not your typical doctor's visit that leave you with a prescription full of drugs with little answers to the real issue. We focus on the root of your health issue and give you a full understanding of the cause, and prevention tips to continue a healthier lifestyle. We aim to provide you with the top wellness chiropractic care with our team of professional applied kinesiologists, chiropractors, and holistic health team.


 At Cohn Health Institute, we specialize in a variety of holistic services. Total Body Modification which is a system of intuitive diagnosis and holistic treatment enables our skillful health practitioner to quickly ascertain the cause of most symptoms. TBM is just one of the many ways we can help you understand what's going on in your body. If you are looking for the best holistic treatment in Orange County and want to discover natural ways to heal yourself, stop by the Cohn Health Institute and get evaluated. Schedule an appointment today and join hundreds of patients who have been coming here for years about how smart your body really is. Contact Us Today.

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NAET: Allergy Elimination

NAET -  Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techiques is a holistic treatment for the permanent elimination of food and environmental allergies, which may be the cause of a wide range of illness. Learn More

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