iv therapy at Cohn Health InstituteBoost Your Health with IV Therapy

Session Length | 45-90 Minutes

Our therapies and injection shots are administered in a relaxing spa environment to ensure your comfort while enjoying your infusion. Choose from any one of our pre-set formulations or experience a customized formula designed to target and address your specific condition.

Our therapies are formulated to deliver a solution of nutrients, minerals, electrolytes and hydration to your system intravenously to ensure 100% instant absorption. The result: restored and rejuvenated!

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IV Therapies:

All Nighter | Balance your system with vitamin C, lysine, proline, & a host of B vitamins & more to keep your immunity charged.

Rockstar Detox | Replenish your system & detox your liver with a cocktail of essential vitamins, minerals, & the key amino acids, glycine & taurine.

Forever Young | Maintain your youthful glow with this power-packed age-fighting mix of anti-oxidants, proline, zinc, biotin, vitamin C, & collagen.

Shred | Release unwanted toxins & get the push you need to pass your weight-loss plateau with this combo of key B vitamins & amino acids.

Super Immune | Quickly recover from illness & fatigue with a generous dose of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & of course vitamin C.

Repair & Rebuild | Build up & rejuvenate your system while healing post-surgery, or during injury recovery with this anti-inflammatory amino acid mix.

Pamper | Welcome relief while neutralizing mood swings & symptoms commonly associated with PMS. Experience comfort from cramps, bloating, irritability & much more with this relieving combination of key vitamins & amino acids.

Executive Stress | Relieve tension & lower your high cortisol levels with the calming & replenishing properties of magnesium, vitamin C, & taurine.

The Cleaner | Deep cleanse your cells & feed your brain with this potent nutrient blend, featuring Phosphatidylcholine.

Re-Hydrate | Replenish electrolytes, boost energy & flush out toxins while restoring cellular health.

Glutathione | Combat oxidative stress with this ultimate antioxidant mix.

IV Injection Shots:

Skinny | Boost metabolism

Happy | Balance your mood

Energy Boost | Recharge & reset

Wrinkle Eraser | Your youth serum

Vitamin D | Your pollution solution

Super Skinny | Hyper-boost metabolism