We at CHI have always been supporters of health, and more importantly the fundamental right to make health decisions for yourself and your loved ones. As if the last two years haven’t been stressful enough, California legislatures are proposing bills this year that will have a profound impact on your life and the lives of your children. Do you know what the bills are? Do you care? We do, and you should too! Below are the top bills to keep an eye on, and some (if not all) of them need you to take action.

Below are some of the better bills:

  • SCR 59 Medical interventions: voluntary and informed consent. (Melendez)
  • AB 1785 California Parents’ Bill of Rights Act (Davies)
  • AB 1809 Nursing Facility Resident Informed Consent Protection Act of 2022. (Aguiar-Curry)
  • AB 1817Product safety: textile articles: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). (Ting)
  • AB 2146 Neonicotinoid pesticides: prohibited nonagricultural use. (Bauer-Kahan.)

And the not so great (actually very concerning) bills:

  • AB 2098 Physicians and surgeons: unprofessional conduct. (Low) – PASSED WITH AMENDMENTS
  • SB 866 Minors: vaccine consent. (Wiener)
  • SB 871 Public health: immunizations. (Pan) – ON HOLD
  • SB 1464 Law enforcement: public health orders. (Pan) – ON HOLD
  • AB 1993 Employment: COVID-19 vaccination requirements. (Wicks) – HALTED
  • SB 920 Medical Board of California: investigations: record requests. (Hurtado) OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED
  • AB 2539 Public health: COVID-19 vaccination: proof of status. (Choi)
  • AB 2516 Health care coverage: human papillomavirus. (Aguiar-Curry)

Make sure that you take a stand for what you believe in. Make phone calls, write letters, raise awareness, and most importantly support representatives that will uphold your values (for example, Dr. Cordie Williams for US Senate, Cordie4Senate.com). Your voice matters. What you do matters!

In solidarity of health choice freedom,

Practitioners and staff at CHI