Every day we are either building health or building disease. If you want to build health, start with the basics – stay hydrated, get quality sleep, move your body, eat healthy and supplement your diet with key nutrients. It’s the things we do on a regular basis that have the largest impact on our health. Swap the cookie for some fresh berries. Sub the cocktail with an ice cold lemon water. Small changes in daily rituals trigger shifts in overall health. 

Preconditioning is another method to prep the body and prevent dysfunction. Exposure is inevitable, so start conditioning the body now with hyperthermia and activated oxygen treatments. Ozone therapy is highly antimicrobial and has many applications. Intravenous ozone is considered the most potent application, but ozone can also be administered via sauna, nasal insufflation, or via supplementation. Stimulating circulation and flooding your cells with oxygen is a great way to support your body and prevent chronic disease. 


Dr. Laurel Kwon