Wildfires are already burning across the state, and smoke is rapidly filling the air. What can you do to help your lungs and body when air quality is unhealthy?

  1. Pick up a bottle of Cellcore’s ViRadChem Binder and keep it in the medicine cabinet. It is designed to bind and remove toxins from the body. Our lungs can absorb toxins easily, which can contaminate our blood affecting other organs quickly. We are constantly exposed to toxins and when we add wildfire smoke into the mix, our toxicity load will be too much, so I suggest taking a binder on a regular basis to help the body detoxify and reduce toxin load.
  2. Therapies that increase the oxygen in your body is critical, especially for those who have allergies or sensitivities. One of the best is ozone therapy because it delivers concentrated oxygen to your body. My favorite ozone therapy would be the ozone sauna because I get the oxygenation plus the detoxification with the sauna. Ask your doctor to test the best way for you to receive ozone therapy.
  3. To protect your cells and organs from oxidative stress, free-radical damage, and acidity, I suggest taking molecular hydrogen throughout the day. Life By Seacret’s Recovery and HydroFX are the very best in delivering molecular hydrogen into the body. Recovery is fast-acting so I take it multiple times a day while taking HydroFX just once because it’s long-lasting. Doing this will provide the body with potent and powerful antioxidants all day long to combat the environmental stress that burdens our health.
  4. Ensure your lungs are functioning optimally and the Chi (energy) is flowing adequately. In wildfire season, it is even more important to get your body treated regularly. Chiropractic Kinesiology and Acupuncture will be my go-to’s for keeping the health of my organs at at tip-top shape.
  5. Purify the air. I suggest using a quality air purifier for your living space. Ask your doctor to test you for the best air purifier brand to go with for your home. Also, I suggest diffusing essential oils to help with breathing and purification. I like these oils:
    1. Doterra Purify
    2. VerVita Elite Harmony
    3. Young Living Purification
    4. Plant Therapy Immune Aid

In Health,

Dr. Calvin Ng