Hey everyone, it’s been a long time since I last contributed to these newsletters, so I’m back and ready to talk about the single most health promoting action step in the last year, wearing masks. =) Didn’t you miss me?

My first recommendation for helping your child with that mask all day type of school is to find a new school. I promise you that will help the most. If for whatever reason that isn’t going to happen, there are two things that are essential. The first is to support your child’s (and yours if you wear one at work etc.) nitric oxide production in their body. Nitric oxide is essential for immune health, good blood circulation and lymphatic system circulation, which are three very important things that have to happen for good health to be maintained. There are multiple products that help support this system in our clinic but the main nutrient is vitamin B6. So make sure you get tested for a good source of B6 for you and your child.

The other thing that has helped tremendously is to use Quantum Neurology to reset the nervous system functionally to the mask. We can do this by muscle testing your child with a mask on so that they are forced to breathe back in their own air. Breathing back in their own CO2 can be very harmful, so allow your Quantum Neurology practitioner to help them adapt to this property of mask toxicity. These two steps can help immensely.


Until next time, Dr. Charlie