We have all heard someone blame all their ailments on their age, but is it true that when we get older, it’s inevitable that we have health challenges?

Yes and no. Aging is really detrimental for our health, but what I’m talking about is your biological age. Your biological age is determined by how healthy your organ systems are functioning, not by your birth date. So when our organs and our cells do not function well, or when we do things that harm our organs and our cells, we are effectively aging ourselves. When we are exposed to toxins and experience constant daily stress, we are definitely speeding up the aging process.

So how do we actually slow down, or better yet, look and feel younger? Fortunately, there are many intelligent doctors and scientists working on longevity, biohacking, and anti-aging. I have combed through much of their work and put together a curated program for your convenience. This program is called: Fountain of Youth. This program is for those who are serious about living longer and living stronger. It’s easy to follow and simple to implement on top of the health regimen that you’re already doing.

I hope you’re excited to feel beautifully young and vibrant again. Call the office today to schedule an appointment and learn more about the Fountain of Youth program!

Cheers to health and vibrancy!
Dr. Calvin Ng, DC