Cohn Health Institute is excited to bring you a new and incredibly beneficial treatment, Theraphi!

Theraphi is essentially a biological battery charger. It works on the cellular level to super charge your cells and brings them back into their highest balance and order.

Simply put, picture your cells as batteries for the body. The science of life is that it is electrical in nature. Every cell has an electrical charge to them; this is for human cells, but just as much for animal or plant cells. If a cell is living then it has an electrical charge to it, and just like batteries for our cars or phones they get depleted from everyday use, and we must recharge them to work at their optimal levels. Think of the Theraphi machine as a charging station for our cells, and when our cells are working at optimal levels, their ability to heal, function and create energy are at their highest potential.

What this treatment looks like for you:

During this treatment, you will spend 30 minutes to 1 hour relaxing by yourself, clothed comfortably and in a private room. We do ask cellphones are left outside of the room or placed inside a Faraday bag we will provide for you. Though Theraphi heals our bodies, it actually can damage your electronics.

What it helps with:

Performance:  Theraphi uses cold atmospheric plasma to charge your cells and the wave mechanics of negentropy to increase order at the cellular level. With this additional energy and order you can expect your body’s performance to improve, and with ongoing use you can bring yourself back to peak performance as well as reach new levels.

Pain: Pain is a broad spectrum problem that is created when the communication between two parts of your body becomes chaotic or severed. Theraphi delivers a cold plasma pump wave that helps get the energetic flow, or “cellular communication” working again. This technology has been quite useful in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

Inflammation: Theraphi is the “science of cold” delivered through the use of cold atmospheric plasma at room temperature. This makes Theraphi one of the most effective broad-spectrum therapies for a host of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Theraphi is a broad spectrum device which means the spectrum of effects are also broad, some of the extra benefits to Theraphi include:

  • Lowered stress and Anxiety
  • Enhanced  detoxification
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Pain and Trauma Relief
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Greater focus
  • Better performance
  • Faster metabolism and fewer cravings
  • Improved energy
  • Overall increase in cognitive ability

**Contraindications:  Pacemakers or any internal electrical devices are contraindicated for this treatment.

Are you ready for a recharge? Ask your practitioner or our front office staff to schedule an appointment!